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Areas of Practice

Estate Planning
Don’t let the state dictate where your property goes or the size of your tax bill. Proper estate planning can protect your interests after death or incapacitation.
Business Formation
Are you thinking about opening a new business? Have you been operating as a sole proprietor? Matt can help protect you from personal liability and unnecessarily large tax bills.
Non-Profit Formation
Whether you are forming a new non-profit or filing for tax-exempt status, Matt has experience on both the federal and state level.
Criminal Law
Have you been charged with a misdemeanor? Reduce the risk of paying high fees and serving jail time; hire Matt to represent you in your criminal matter.
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Are you sinking further into debt because of an inability to pay your mortgage or other bills? Are creditors harassing you? Matt can counsel you on the benefits of bankruptcy.
Creditors’ Rights
Does somebody owe you money or have you obtained a judgment against someone? Matt can assist you with turning that debt into cash.
Landlord/ Tenant issues
If you have legal issues relating to a rental property, Matt has experience dealing with both sides of the Landlord/Tenant relationship.
Traffic Tickets
Have you been pulled over recently? Do you want to protect your driving record from unwanted points? Matt can help minimize the impact of being cited for a moving violation.