In the movies, people are always driving at breakneck speeds, because of a race, an action-packed chase, or other situations. Surprisingly, these drivers are able to get away with speeding, but this is not the case in real life. When you drive at fast and furious speeds along Salem’s highways, you will most likely get a ticket, which could cost you heavy fines and other penalties.

In Massachusetts, driving over the speed limit can bring about a traffic citation, a fine, license suspension, or an arrest in some cases. The speed limits are as follows: 20mph for school zones; 40mph for ¼ of a mile on undivided highways outside a densely-populated business district; and 30mph for about 1/8 of a mile in densely-populated business districts.

Drivers who are ticketed for speeding can get the help of experienced Salem attorneys who handle cases related to traffic tickets. The most common defenses for speed limit violations involve the nature of the speed limit. All states make use of three basic types of speed limits: absolute, presumed, and basic. To present a good defense, the driver first needs to know which type he is accused of violating.

Absolute Speed Limit

If you go over the set limit, say, you drove 21mph in a school zone, then you would have violated the absolute speed limit law. For your defense, you could claim there was an emergency that forced you to go over the limit or, perhaps, you can question the accuracy of the method used to determine your speed.

Presumed Speed Limit

A presumed speed limit is one that’s considered safe under the conditions at a given time. Even when you drive over the speed limit, you can contest a ticket if you can prove that you were driving safely given the road conditions at the time.

Basic Speed Limit

Even while driving under the defined limit, you could still be charged for speeding if a police officer thinks your driving speed is unsafe under the current conditions. For example: driving at the defined limit on a freeway isn’t really safe if there is heavy traffic, or a heavy fog. In many cases, drivers would be accused of violating basic speed limits when there is an accident.

A lot plays into defending a speeding charge, and the best thing to do is to get in touch with a reputable Salem law firm such as The Law Office of Matthew T. Schotmiller, PLLC. Experience and familiarity with the place, its culture, and its people can go a long way in establishing a good defense for you.


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