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Matt treats every client like family. He knows that you need an advisor you can trust. From traffic tickets to complex contract issues, Matt knows the law and how to best help you.


Have you been pulled over recently? Do you want to protect your driving record from unwanted points? Matt can help minimize the impact of being cited for a moving violation, including reckless driving.


Have you been charged with a misdemeanor or felony in Virginia? Reduce the risk of paying high fees and serving jail time. Let Matt represent you in your criminal matter.


Proper estate planning can protect your interests after death or incapacitation. Don’t let the state dictate where your property goes or the size of your tax bill.


Roanoke College Students

Matt is a proud Roanoke College Alumnus and continues to serve the RC community by providing students with legal assistance. He has helped countless students with traffic and criminal representation and has assisted students with Student Conduct Council Hearings. Visiting our office is easy for students! We are located on Clay Street between campus and Mill Mountain Coffee.